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Andres Garcia



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Andres Garcia is an self- taught Artist and Muralist based in Ocala, Florida working with many mediums with a passion for painting monochromatic realism, pop culture, and abstract art on stretched canvas and walls.

In January 2020 He began to be closer to his family as his Grandmother was fighting Pancreatic Cancer. During the Pandemic He began to paint and learn to paint at the Magnolia Art Xchange in Ocala,Fl to battle depression with a former resident artist. Before she passed away, His Grandmother saw him painting more and motivated him to pursue his passion.


His goal is to help artists by teaching the knowledge he has gained and creating opportunities for emerging artists.


As of February 2024 Andres became a 8th Ave Resident Artist in Ocala, FL.

This opportunity gives him a creative space and his own gallery.


Andres is a Magnolia Art Xchange Resident Artist Alumni, Muralist,  Multidisciplinary Artist, Photographer, Writer, Art Mentor, Curator, Creative Consultant, Aviation Content Creator, and Live Painting Entertainer.


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