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Commissioned art is a collaborative process between the artist and the customer where the artist creates a custom piece of artwork based on what you want. You will provide the size, style, subject matter, color palette, and other details to create a unique and personalized piece of art.

I believe that this is an excellent way to create a meaningful connection between the artwork and you. By working closely with you I can create a piece of art that truly speaks to you.

This is also a great way to support artists like myself. By commissioning a piece of art, you are investing in my talent and creativity, allowing me to continue creating my artwork and contributing to my passion.


Murals/Street Art are a fast way for your business location to get eyes on it or something to make your home or private office/studio standout. 

How much does it cost?

Typically a consultation would have to be made. These will determine the estimated cost by square footage, the type of wall that is being painted on and the idea of the project, and location to determine travel costs.

How long does it take to do a mural?

this depends on so many factors. The size, The design, Location and season.


Can you make a design first?

A Design Fee is required before any project, and are non refundable. These start at $150 and can be paid before the first mural consultation so we can sit down and sketch ideas. This design is for you to keep and is allowed 3 revisions. 

Contracts are always made with these and I can set up a payment plan. Typically its a 50% Deposit to cover materials. 


Andres offers a unique opportunity to bring His and/or other Artists creative process to your future event with a live painting experience. Watch the transformation of a canvas into a one of a kind painting that is yours to keep or gift. Seeing art come to life in just a few hours creates an entertaining and memorable experience for your guests and will elevate your overall event.


Andres has continued to help give back to the community that has supported him. Andres provides opportunities for charities to partner in a program to help raise funds at galas and fundraising events. Through your event, Andres and/or Other Artists will create a live painting that will be available for auction during your event. To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Andres 


Creating a memorable and fresh experience at your event can always be a challenge. A live event painting is one opportunity to give a new experience for your event attendees. Watching Andres create unique art is entertaining and engaging for guests and elevates your event. The final artwork is yours for gifting/raffle opportunities or displaying in your corporate office following the event.



Whether you are the couple looking to elevate your reception or a guest looking for a unique gift for the couple, a live wedding painting is a unique and memorable experience. Andres will paint a unique piece of art that will be a lasting keepsake to remember their wedding day. In pre-consultation, Andres will discuss items to integrate into the painting like quotes, dates, or other items that will make it a one of a kind painting for the couple.


Pre-Consultation- Before your event, Andres will consult with you to discuss the special occasion and your overall vision. Here you will review prior work for inspiration on your piece and address any potential integrations to make it a one of a kind keepsake.


Set-Up- Andres will coordinate the appropriate time before your event for set up. He will bring all supplies and easel to set up in a designated location.  


Live Painting- During the desired time in your event, Andres will begin the creative process. Guests will have the opportunity to watch and engage with him as he transforms the canvas with a variety of colors and materials. Standard painting takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete.


Completed Work- By the end of your event, the finished painting will be available for final viewing, gifting, or the auction. Andres will coordinate with you on options to take home the day of the event or potential future pickup or delivery.

To review live event painting pricing and availability, Contact Andres 

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